How to Convert PowerPoint to PDF?

It is extremely simple to convert a PowerPoint file to PDF, there are various software programs which will do it. But the ideal system to employ in changing a PowerPoint file to PDF is Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat family members of applications developed to view, develop, manipulate and manage files in PDF. Adobe Acrobat is high-priced but you can down load a no cost trial model which you can use for a period of time. To convert a PowerPoint file to PDF you might want to operate Adobe acrobat.

When acrobat is by now opened, then click “File” within the menu bar and within the drop down checklist that appears pick out “Create PDF” and after that choose “From File”. A selection box will pop up allowing you to obtain into your folder that is made up of the PowerPoint file you need to convert. pick your PPT file and click on the “Open” button. Adobe Acrobat will promptly start off changing your file immediately after you click on the “Open” button. The amount of time it can just take to convert a PowerPoint file will rely on the number of slides in it. Dependant upon your computer’s pace along with the contents of each slide, it can just take two to 8 seconds to end convert a slide. What on earth is great about Acrobat is it far more or much less retains the formatting from the PowerPoint presentation.

Method 1: Saving PowerPoint to PDF with Microsoft

Step 1. Open the PowerPoint presentation, then click the “Office” button in the upper, left-hand corner of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Step 2. Place the mouse arrow on “Save As” then click on “PDF or XPS”.

Step 3. Enter your file name, then under “Save as type” choose “PDF”.

Tip: If you want to save your PowerPoint files as a smaller PDF file, then you can Click the “Minimize Size” option next to the “Optimize For” label.

Step 4. Finally click ” Publish” and you will save PowerPoint as PDF.

This is really useful when you just need to save PowerPoint presentations as PDF, but if the PowerPoint slides contain complicated content like spreadsheet, images, chart, it may come to low quality or even fail to save PowerPoint slides as PDF intact.

Method 2: using the Professional PPT to PDF Converter Software

PowerPoint to PDF Converter is a professional program that enables you to quickly create a PDF file out of three popular Microsoft Office applications – Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Here we show you how to convert PPT to DPF format with it.

Ok, done! now you can try to convert PPT to PDF all by youself, what’s more, you can also convert PDF to excel and convert PDF to word.

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