How to Change Image in PDF Mac

While the PDF files widely used in all walks of life in different countries, editing PDF files is still a problem which can cause some headaches, especially to change image in PDF files. Maybe, my dear friends, you have just come across such a problem – got an large PDF files on your Mac which you need to edit the pictures. Someone suggested you converting PDF to image format, like JPG or PNG, and then change the format back to PDF after editing.

Well, considering the large size, it’s a big project. You don’t want to change images in PDF on Mac in that way. So is there any way that can help you edit PDF images on Mac directly and not so complicated? Of course there is! Here we will introduce the most professional PDF Editor for Mac to help you  edit pictures in PDF on Mac with only a few mouse clicks. Just free download the trial version and install it on your Mac, then  follow the guide below to learn the steps.

Take it easy that the software is very safe, with no virus, spyware or ads at all.

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Guide: How to Edit PDF Images on Mac

Step 1: Load PDF
Run the program and drag the target PDF file into the panel, you will see the toolbar of the main interface as shown below.

Tips: Before editing images in your PDF files, you can customize your toolbar by clicking Customize in the toolbar, and then drag Insert Image and Crop Image to the toolbar. Then get started.

Step 2: Select and Delete Picture
Choose Touchup Tool in the toolbar, and select an image or graphic in the PDF file. Then you can delete it, or move it by dragging and dropping.

Step 3: Insert Image
Click Insert Image in the toolbar, and you can insert local images and graphics into the page as you want.

Step 4: Crop and Resize(Optional)
Select an existing image in the PDF file with Touchup Tool, and then click Crop Image in the toolbar, you can crop and resize the selected image or graphic.

OK, now we have finished the whole process of changing PDF images with the great PDF Editor for Mac, then don’t forget to save the edited PDF files on your Mac. Besides, you can also edite the text, properties and bookmarks of the PDF file if you need. What would you say about this PDF editing software for Mac, is it great?

What’s are you waiting for? Just click the button below to get the free trial downloaded and experience it at once!

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